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Scouring Paste

Scouring Paste

I detest the brown marks you get around your oven door, the water marks that collect on your sink and the burnt on food that seems to stick to your stovetop forever. Don’t even get me started on the tea and coffee stains in your tea cups and mugs, I know a lot of people believe that the stains add to the flavour but in all honesty I don’t want to drink from them. I can’t help but feel they aren’t cleaned properly even though I know its just a stain.

This paste can also be used on your cook top and in your bathroom as well.

This is such an easy cleaner to make but also creates one of the biggest impacts in your kitchen. The great thing about this cleaner is that it’s so easy you can make it up as you need it, there’s no need to make a batch of it.

What you’ll need:

4 tbsp bicarb soda
1 tbsp water

Mix together in a small container until it forms a paste and then apply it with a damp sponge. Buff it away with a dry cloth and then stand back and be amazed at how clean your kitchen is now.