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Shopping List For Month Two Meal Plan

Shopping List For Month Two Meal Plan

How happy are we to be in month two already? What’s great about this second month is that we already have some food left in our pantry and freezer so we’ll be able to buy some spreads to go on our sandwiches. Fruit and vegetables are much more affordable now it’s cooling down as well so we’ve got more variety to choose from. I know that’ll make everyone in my house happier.

This month I have tried to change up the recipes a bit so we’re having less repeated recipes, and I’m still trying to gradually build up our pantry supplies for the following months. I am amazed at just how far the $200 I spent on groceries last month went. I’m hoping to have even better results this month.

I have decided to do the shopping list a bit different to last month, I have created a spreadsheet which will show you what items I bought and from which store I bought it from. I hope you find it easier to use.

Please click on the link here to see the shopping list for month two’s meal plan.

Month 2 shopping list