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Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner

Everyone likes to look out their windows, that’s what they’re there for after all, but cleaning them can be a real nuisance. It’s especially disheartening when you try your hardest to get your windows clean only to discover the next time you look out that they are covered in streaks. If I’m spending my time cleaning windows then I want to see the view and not any streaks!

There’s only 3 ingredients needed to make this easy window cleaner, its so cost effective you could clean every window in the house for less than $1.

I’ve seen a lot of window cleaner recipes but most only include vinegar and water. They just don’t cut through the dirt and grime which cover windows and are unable to remove residue left over from previous washes. With the detergent added to this recipe, your windows will be washed as well as being clean and streakfree.

What you’ll need:

1/2 cup vinegar
1 tsp of dishwashing liquid
4 cups water

Using a funnel, pour the vinegar, detergent and water into a spray bottle and shake well to combine.
Simply spray onto the window and wipe clean with lint free paper towel.