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Carpet Deodoriser

Carpet Deodoriser

Every home gets its own personalised scent from what’s inside. Have you got toddlers who have spilt a few too many items on your carpet? A dog that comes inside when its wet? A cat that decides to mark its territory all over your house? Or even a chef that loves cooking with a little too much garlic and onion? All these things and more combine together to give your home its own unique smell. Your carpet seems to soak up all of these smell but it’s easy to fix.

If you have bad odours and would like to eradicate them you can easily by using these ingredients.

What you’ll need:

2 cups bicarb soda
60 drops essential oil (optional)

This is best kept in a container with holes in it so you can sprinkle it over your carpet evenly. Leave it on your carpet for at least 15 minutes, the longer the better, and then vacuum as usual.

The essential oil is optional, the bicarb will eliminate odours but the essential oil will leave a fresh scent throughout your home.

You could also make a batch of this carpet deodoriser and leave it on a shelf to keep your house smelling fresh between uses.

As always, I suggest a spot test before use.