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Beef Tacos

Beef Tacos

There’s something fun about about a group meal where everyone makes up their own plate isn’t there? It makes a table look colourful when you have salad, cheese, beef mince, tortillas and sour cream laid out. It’s a meal where the entire family feels involved and can be served exactly what they want.

This is a recipe for a quick beef mince for tacos. Taco seasoning is so overpriced and we have all the ingredients at home to make a good taco seasoning ourselves. The best thing is, depending on our moods we can change it up a bit. If we want more spice, we can add extra chilli powder. It’s great like that.

Get the kids involved and make some tortillas yourself instead of buying them. They really do add that extra little something to the meal.

If you’ve made my Mexican mince or chilli con carne you could use these as fillings instead. OR if you’re family prefer chicken, you could try my Mexican chicken tortillas.